An Introduction…

reetings to all my Saskatchewan friends (and beyond)!  Glad you could make it to Funk-whatever-the-heck-that-is dot com.  As you may have noticed, I have indeed launched a website, and am feeling very jolly about it. I’m not the blogging-type of person, but I realized that with all the stuff I’ve been wanting to talk with people about lately, it would take a ridiculous amount of time to try to tell everyone individually. And besides, since me and writing seem to have a thing for each other, we might as well make make it official.

So, these past couple of years I have been on a journey to answer some big questions.  Some of you may recall that I said in a note that I posted on Facebook before I left for California in August ’09, “Ever since Grade 9 I’ve had major issues with why if I’m following Christ my life doesn’t look much like Jesus’ or his disciples.”  I just couldn’t shake the thought that much of what we call church today didn’t seem convincing to me to prove even the existence of God, much less that Jesus is the way to Him.

I did a lot of thinking and learning this past number of years, especially the past two in the States, and for those of you who missed the memo 3 months ago, I’m back in Sask for a bit.  Some people have asked why I came back, and perhaps I haven’t given a truly honest answer yet. Really, though, the reason is because I missed you guys, and because I figure that now I can begin to share with you some stuff that has totally radicalized my life.  (And you thought my website title was the only word I would make up).  Yeah this stuff…it’s pretty exciting.  Kind of like when you beat me in Smash Bros. Except for that didn’t happen.

So that’s kinda what I want to do here. Not trying to say that I got everything figured out while I was gone, have the complete truth, anything like that.  So you don’t have to just take me at my word – check things out for yourself.  The point is to find truth and live it. I don’t want to be one of those young people who gets fired up about something and then runs around unchecked for awhile till the fire dies. Actually, a lot of what I want to show you is stuff that already shaped me before a lot of you knew me.  I didn’t share near as much back then because I hadn’t yet seen in reality a lot of what it looked like to live what I was reading (and am definitely still arriving there).  Finally, and most importantly, my goal isn’t just a website.  I don’t want to just be teaching things, cuz that’s pretty much what the Pharisees did, and they didn’t do well on Jesus’ chart of coolness.  I’d be the first to tell you that the best way to learn truth is to see it in action. What I want to do with this website is encourage and build up the bros and sisters in Christ, the down-and-outers and the ones who are rethinking whether Jesus is the truth, and the ones who are wondering if there’s even any meaning to life, and anyone who’s just curious about what the heck I was doing in California. Hope that together we can do the stuff that echoes in eternity!

So, with that all said, I pray that the eyes of our hearts would be opened to go beyond our boxes and truly know – not just in theory but in reality – the riches and hope that we’re called to, and the unmatched (and unconventional) reality of the great power and sweet lives in store for us who believe!

I will be posting things pretty regularly on the site, so keep checking back. I hopefully won’t just be putting writings on, either – music, videos, other stuff I’ve been feeding off of will all be here as we go on.  Also, as I’m planning to go to San Jose in late August for a few months to be with some hardcore God-chasing friends, I hope to share adventures and things I learn over there as well.  Feel free to facebook, send me a message, or whatever.  And so let us begin!  Love you guys. Live it real.

Look up again, see the new day rise.

The sun is brighter now, it lights up the skies.

The time has come to take what’s done

And show the world who we’ve become.

This day, since we, have lived to see this change

Let worlds collide, let us live inside this love.

Let the new day come.

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