A Reference Guide for Lack…


I’d like to buy

Some insecurity?


Thank you.

I didn’t have the current issue.

What a scandal.

That skin!

He climbed El Capitan –

Such drive.

THAT’S a guy who feels alive.


But –

I can get insecurity for free?

Silly me.

I’m always last to know.

Here we go…

Adjust the screen (to fix the gleam)

Scroll the feed.

They went to Mexico?

I’ve wanted to go.


I wish I was in a band.

No way!

They’re engaged?

Well…I actually don’t really know…

Must have been from camp,

From years ago…


Don’t know the guy either.

But man they look tan!

Oh, what is it now?

…I can get insecurity live?



But can I really handle any more?

Ha ha jk..

I guess if it’s on the way anyway

…It will be okay.


Open the door

Walk down the street

That patio is sweet.

Smells like bbq

But Ramen can be good too, thank you…

That boutique has the best selection EVER

So extensive

So expensive –

Le Che Veaute – La C’est Vitte…

Or however you say it.

That steakhouse looks so classy

Bet working there would make ya happy.

Did she smile at me?

Oh – just cleaning her teeth.

…You know

I think I’m just gonna –


…I think I’m gonna go.


It’s okay

I just feel a little low.


…Cause I just…

Don’t know

About all this fuss

All this time and cash I’ve spent

Just trying to be culturally relevant…

I don’t know if it makes sense

Using everything as reference

For everything I lack.

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